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Reston Fans

Reston is a great place….tremendous care has been taken in its design and planning since birth. This blog will be some what celebratory as well reportorial, focusing on Reston’s neighborhoods, lakes, parks, amenities and its real estate market from the perspective of a fan. Humor will be attempted whenever possible to help alleviate boredom in the pursuit of truth and beauty.

It will take a while to get where we want to go with this….the easiest posts to write are the ones about the real estate process…the answers to general home buyer and seller questions….we are subject matter specialists…..the tougher ones are Reston specific…since we want to take lots of photos and present info that has to be investigated. Cheers!

If you feel like it, you can search for Reston Homes here: Reston homes search.

Thanks for stopping by.

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