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Lotte Love: Mega International food market not far from Reston

May 13, 2010

Whole Lotte Love, yoja chingu.

Terri: I am not a person that just wants to eat meat and potatoes all the time I am sorely dissapointed in the produce and international food of the standard local markets. Do you have any suggestions for shopping venues not too far from Reston?

Steve: You are in luck. Reston is only a few miles from the Shangri La of international food emporiums. Lotte.…..The  produce section is about 3 times the size of your basic Safeway or Giant’s section and the prices are usually 1/3 to 1/2 that of other
stores with nowhere near the selection.

Fresh snow peas generally run $4/lb at the Giant…Lotte had them for $.99/lb last week. Normally they run around $1.5/lb. (I love snow peas can you tell)Bean sprouts are $.79/lb and are of awesome quality. The seafood selection cannot be matched anywhere and the guys will clean your catch at no extra charge.

Tom: Do they have Vietnamese, Spanish, Indo/Pak, Korean, Chinese and Japanese sauces and specialties and 20 different kinds of soy sauce?

Steve: Yes, and they have a sushi counter that is cheaper than you can get anywhere
I have seen and the guy will make it custom if you want. There is a
bakery, a food court, Asian cooking and serving implements, optometry
and kitchen and bath remodeling. I am not making this up.

Green onions:
Seven 1 inch bundles for a buck, frozen pot stickers at

1/2 the price of Giant and 40 times the selection. There are isles
dedicated to the different cuisines. We got 6 full bags of stuff there
last week for $27 …unbelievable.

Sue: Can you tell me how to use this stuff to make an amazing concoction out of Ramen which you can buy 6 packs for a buck?

Steve: OK Sue. Get your Ramen and follow the directions. Put sliced
mushrooms in the water at the start. Cook a couple minutes then add the
noodles as directed, then with one minute left to go throw in some snow
peas, bean sprouts, seafood mix (or sliced meat of your choice) turn
off the heat and use scissors to top it off with cut green onion tops
and cilantro ($.79 for a big bunch).

Then you can sauce it up
as you see fit. We use hoisin and red
pepper sauce to create
what we call  “fast faux Pho” (Pho, pronounced

FA is a Vietnamese soup…you probably have seen the stores in your
local strip shopping center with names like Pho 90 or Pho 27 or some variation)

After a hard day of showing property to clients, we will make this version of Ramen and have pot stickers to go with it. Takes about 15 minutes total
and is extremely non boring.

Check it out yoja chingu …’s a trip.

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