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Have a High Time in Old Town Herndon. OOOhhhhh YEAHHHHH.

February 24, 2010

Have a High Time in Old Town Herndon. OOOhhhhh YEAHHHHH.

Have a pint at Jimmy's Old Town Tavern

Danny: What would you suggest I do in Old Town Herndon this Friday afternoon since I get off work early. By the way my wife is coming with me, we both like ale on tap, we need some custom draperies and some reupholstery work and we want to sit down to a nice dinner with music.

Also did I mention that we
want to walk no more than one hundred feet

to accomplish all this since did I mention that we like ale on tap?

come on in ....we're ready for you

Oh Danny Boy, this is an easy one. Old Town Herndon is an
awesome place to spend the afternoon and on into the evening. I would suggest that you start with a pint atJimmy’s Old Town Tavern along with some great appetizers.

Beautify your home right here! Family owned for 30 years

Once you are in the mood to look at fabric selections for your new draperies, walk out the door, turn left walk 15 feet, turn left, walk 30 feet and turn left into

Designs and Interiors by the Upholstery shop.

Come to the Icehouse Cafe now

After you arrange to get your home beautified…if you time all of this right Herndon landmark Icehouse cafe and Oyster Baryou can walk straight out the front door of the Upholstery Shop and walk 60 feet on a 35 degree angle to your left and into the Herndon landmark Icehouse Cafe.

You can have some oysters on the half shell, another pint or two and hold your wife’s hand while listening to smooth jazz. Since you will have saved so much money at

The Upholstery Shop you can go all out for the full
dinner treatment that the Icehouse is famous for.

Then if you want to buy a home Jan and me.

You will be in just the right frame of mind.

We’ll leave the light on for ya.

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