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Reston’s first big snow.

February 23, 2010

Reston’s Big Snow

Shall we grill tonight Hon?

After three concerted hours of
shoveling yesterday…..on top of the three from Saturday, we were
able to get out and capture some photos from around Reston.

There was a conspiracy between
the sun and the traffic to keep us from getting as many good shots as
we would have liked.

No school in Reston for quite some time. Why?I thought that when we escaped from our neighborhood that we would have the streets to ourselves and would be able to peacefully pull up and jockey for just the right angle and sun position for a timeless Reston's North Point areasnow shot. Rarely so.

Just about everyone else had
had enough of  being snowbound and was out cruising even the most obscure of Reston’s
back avenues, and frequently let me know that they did not appreciate
my photographic efforts ….(there was very little “side of the road”
for me to pull over to)

snowed in Reston...rare...really!

So I would leap out and try to
get a fair shot before 5 cars (on
their way to where?) announced their displeasure with my attempted
winter artistry.

Reston Town Center streets
already had the dirty plowed snow look
and did not offer the kind of  opportunity I would have
late for that….. Snow encrusted gravel on the rolled back ice

y waves blocking in the poor souls who

had street parked in front of
their buildings was not Norman Rockwelly enough for the Season of Peace.

We had been scheduled to show
Reston homes to a client coming in fromLights on the low bushes bore no fruit
Northern Maryland Sunday afternoon, but he got the drift and
postponed….Wise Man. Just last week I had responded to an email from
a prospective client moving here from Florida asking about our snow
fall, saying “Not much, a couple inches now and then that is gone by
the next afternoon” She sent a very short text message this morning ”
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha! ”



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