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Reston to Seattle? Meet Frank Kliewer guest blogger

February 17, 2010

Welcome guest blogger Frank Kliewer from the Seattle area.

He is an outstanding real estate agent, artist and photgrapher. If you know folks headed his way, please have them touch base with Frank and his partner  Nina Cross.

They will take good care of your friends real estate needs and make the whole process enjoyable.

Whimsical Wednesday — Puget Sound

are a series of rock sculptures along a shoreline of Puget Sound in
Washington State.

This type of construction is a popular art form in the area, to be
found in surprising places, including formal gardens and backyard
spaces. If you look really close you can see a new piece under

puget sound rocks

puget sound rocks

puget sound rocks

puget sound rocks


is always something fun to discover in the Puget Sound area. Come and
visit if you get the chance.



can assist you in the greater Seattle area with our 50 + years of
combined real estate experience, just give us a call.

Frank and Nina

Frank Kliewer 206.794.9900

Nina Cross 206.406.3840

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Thanks for stopping by,
and we welcome your referrals, they will receive our special attention,

Frank and Nina

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