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Loudoun County January Home Sales report

February 17, 2010

Johnny: Hey Steve, is Loudoun still the highest median family income county in the US?  Oh and could you post the  monthly property sales figures for Loudoun County.

Steve: Yes Johnny, Loudoun County Virginia reports in as the highest median family income county for the second year in a row coming in at $111,925.

iced leaf

Job opportunities here have been awesome for the last 20 years and we have one of the nations lowest unemployment rates. So, tell your friends to come on in….Fairfax and Loudoun routinely rank 1 or 2 in median family income in our country and have some of the highest performing schools in the nation.

As far as sales figures for housing go, as we speak the latest numbers are for the month of January 2010. The link below will take you to the Northern Virginia Association of Realtor’s web site which does a fine job of compiling and graphing the current data and comparing it historically. You will see information on condos, town houses and detached homes.

There is a scroll bar on the right side of the pdf that will take you throughthe statistics for the different home types.

Click NVAR to see the report. This is the graphic display of the sale figures for Loudoun County. To see the Northern Virginia regional report click:January NOVA

As you will see, there are encouraging numbers for sellers in three areas:

inventory of unsold homes is  down from the beginning of the year.

The price slide which started in early 2006 has stopped (except in the very upper brackets which still show weakness)

The length of time a home is on the market has also fallen nicely to less than half of what it was a year ago.

To see the fiscal 2009 report for Loudoun County (which gives more than just numbers) click Loudoun 2009

As always, if you would like specific data on what homes are selling for in a particular neighborhood, just drop us an email.

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