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How to Sell your House: Showing Condition Video

November 19, 2009

Sam: I am thinking about selling my home in North Reston. Do have have any tips for getting it ready to show and sell?

Steve: Sam, here is a short video with our thoughts on the subject: click here to view.

Clean, neat, and neutral without being crowded with too much furniture are the main keys to making a

Getting ready to sell your home in Reston?

Getting ready to sell your home in Reston?

positive impression on prospective home buyers. Organizing your home for showing is different for organizing your home for living. For example… we have too much furniture in our home for selling and showing. We have pieces from my parents, grandparents and my aunt Hazel. It works well for living since the kids (and us) often have a fair number of people over and they all need a place to sit. All this furniture fails to show off the room sizes well if I were selling. One third at least would have to go to storage when I show and sell our place. Also, most folks including ourselves have a few things on the kitchen counter tops that make living easy and fast…cleared off counters are amust when selling and showing your home for sale.

Samantha: I have so many collectibles and pictures…I have spent soooo much time making this home a reflection of who I am and what my interests are….I do not think I can get it staged like everybody says…it will be to painful.

Steve: Samantha…truly most home sellers feel exactly like you…but think of it this way….buyers are not buying your memories and the reflection of yourself. They want a clean and neat canvas where they can paint their own memories. We tell clients that when their home goes on the market it stops being their home. It becomes a product that must compete with the other products out there. This is a hard saying we know. We also advise them to stop calling it their home…it is now the “house or the “property”. Their home is where they will be going after this “property” sells. Wwill post much more info in the future on this topic.

Connie: Do you think those home selling and staging shows on TV have much merit?

Not quite Ready to Show and sell

Steve: YES! The advice given is generally right on target. They have actually made our job easier since their inception…sellers believe the folks on TV and take their advice to heart….whereas they often would get offended at our polite, helpful suggestions. This is a huge topic and we will have many more posts on it in the future. Please drop us a line with questions or comments. By the way, if you have a home that is in rough shape and you do not have the money for a big re-do…..just make the adjustments in your asking price compared with the homes you are competing against. Also, ask your agent to take you to visit some of the homes that are similar to yours that are on the market…see what condition your competition is in. We have found this to greatly benefit our buyers preparation and mind set.


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