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To Reston from California. An Apocryphal Story

November 16, 2009

3-26-08  Reston 015Reston does have the largest selection of contemporary homes in Northern Virginia,  Bob

Find me a Home in Reston really fast…in an organized manner too, OK?

Bob: Can you send me a pretend email right here in this blog, explaining how  good Reston realtors such as your wife and yourself would work with my family,  since we will need to find a home fast, before moving to your  area? Oh, and I don’t want anything that was styled after Williamsburg architecture. Pretend that I am coming in for a quick visit from California, scouting out homes prior to another visit by my wife who will put her final blessing on my top 3 choices. Got it?

coming to Reston from CA

coming to Reston from CA

Steve: Got it Bob…If you have been using our website search service at,  you most likely will have gone through all the listings that have met your criteria in your home listing search  organizer. You would have marked those that interested you and we would have sent back more info from the realtor’s mls. Most of our clients build their own tour in their electronic organizer. We use those listings and prepare a touring plan. Once that was done I would send you an email with the following content:

Your goals are our goals

Yes another picture of the Warf in Reston

To Bob…
If we can achieve it, our goal would be to have visited as many homes that interest you, before you get here, so that we can make best use of your limited time to look. When we work with local clients, we cannot always get out to preview the homes they want to visit in advance since they may number in the 100s(no joke Bob, but we have shown more than 800 homes since and including Jan. 1, 2009.) but for folks who fly in, then have to fly out…we try to have everything lined up and pre-visited. Either way it is still pretty fast and organized. We make a book of listings for you, map out what we are going to visit…put everything in the GPS, pick you up at your hotel and off we go. The first couple times out we recommend a quick stop at each house. All we are looking for in the beginning is a yes or no. Yes, means that we will keep the home on the list for future consideration. No, means that you do not ever want that property and it comes off the list. We keep filtering property this way until we have a good selection of finalists…then we revisit and look at each one more thoroughly until we find the right one.

This always happens in response to good work.

Bob: That is great Steve…if this works out, I will take out a full page ad in the San Francisco Chronicle, at my own expense, telling everyone in California to use you and your wife for help in finding that perfect home, in the best neighborhood, at the best possible terms, including having the seller pay their closing costs, having the seller pay for a home warranty, having a thorough home inspection and a smooth and trouble free transaction because you will handle all the details so that I and everyone who moves there from California can get on with life and let you and your wife take care of all of us when we move to Reston.

Steve: We appreciate the kind words and your future actions Bob, thank you.


You came here for real estate or community information…not to read about all the fantastic things that we have to say about ourselves…so we don’t say it. You want to search for Homes? Same deal.

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