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A fine woman, but not the Reston realtor for you.

November 16, 2009

steve's camera dump 10-06-09 140

Outstanding woman…. but not the best Realtor for you. Love you Mom!

I need a good Reston realtor. Advice please.

Carmine: Is that your mother that you are exploiting in this picture?

Yes, that is Lake Anne in Reston

Yes, that is Lake Anne in Reston

Steve: She is not being exploited. We are escaping from assisted living to the beauty shop. The ladies there always comment on the pure whiteness of her hair. Her reply is that she is happy to have any hair at all.She is not, nor has she ever  been  a Realtor, thank God. She is a retired assoc. prof of elementary education specializing in the teaching of reading…a very useful and worthy profession. She does love to talk about real estate, why people choose the homes they do, and what good real estate agents do to help folks buy and sell. As we cruise around Reston she always points out how many trees were left to screen the neighborhoods and the variety of styles. We grew up in small  town Pennsylvania where there was little choice in housing architecture…and she complains about the traffic.

Carmine: Anyway, back to my original question when I came to this blog.What do good Realtors do? What is a real short definition of a good real estate agent?

Steve: Someone who helps you get what you want, when you want it, in the way you want it.

Carmine: Has the role of a full service, professionally competent agent changed in the last few years?


Steve: As possessor and distributor of all data relating to home information….that is years over for the realtor.  A

Reston Town Center Fountain

Reston Town Center Fountain

good agent should be a subject matter specialist in the “real estate transaction process”….a co-coordinator of other specialist’s talents: home stager, photographer, contractors and handy people, graphic artists, loan officers, home inspectors, termite inspectors, title attorneys, and settlement companies…the talents of all these people have to be managed and engaged for the benefit of the client. An agent is a synthesizer and organizer of known information, a researcher of the unknown and manager of individual talent….all for your benefit and enjoyment, Carmine.

Bob: Did you come up with that definition yourself?

Steve: Yes…and if you decide to copy it…make sure you give me credit and a link back or a paid speaking engagement

Tammy: Do you have any amateur home made youtube videos on this topic that you could post here?

Steve: Yes Tammy. Coming to another post soon.


You came here for real estate or community information…not to read about all the fantastic things that we have to say about ourselves…so we don’t say it. You want to search for Homes? Same deal.

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