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Reston VA Living: Get Mulch, Eat, Work, Read, Stop by the Church, then Check in at Reston Hospital

November 12, 2009
Welcome to Reston Town Center not Centre
Reston Town Center from the library…more or less

St. Andrews corner of RT.606 and Reston Parkway

3-10-08 South Riding & Reston 017
Home Depot…was Hechingers…farewell old friend.
Heart attack laying mulch? We can fly you out need be.

Typical conversation regarding Reston

Carlene: Is that a picture from Reston across the top banner of this blog?

Answerman: Yes…previously it was a rotating peaceful vegetation theme

Carlene: You have written before that Reston is not only pleasing to my sensibilities, but that I can live with imagination and die peacefully within a five block radius if I move to Reston….

Answerman: Yes

Carlene: I live in Philadelphia and just can’t capture the idea you are trying to get across…you got pictures?

Answerman: Yup…. If I can get them uploaded….(if not imagine a lovely well planned urban center amidst what was once considered the souless ‘burbs near Dulles Airport)…We have behind me Reston Town Center  where you can live, work, hit the library, avoid the police station, cross over Reston Parkway to St Andrews Episcopal, come back have lunch with three part harmony, cross over Baron Cameron, pick up some mulch at Home Depot, have some chest pains and roll into Reston Hospital…all within a 12 minute walk.

Arlo: Didn’t that Home Depot used to be a Hechingers?

Answerman: Yes…. I liked that store. It is now a Home Depot

Arlo: When you were very young did you ever deliver REALLY expensive furniture to Mr. Hechinger senior’s REALLY NICE house and scratch a table leg during the expedition?

Answerman: Yes.

Arlo: As a really prepared and knowledgeable furniture guy did you whip out the matching color special wood markers to mask your ineptitude?

Answerman: No…we forgot them. The earth was moist and we were able to rub a little mud  um…we were pleased.

Carlene: Can you help me put down all this mulch I just bought? You know, I will need a good Reston realtor to help me buy a home.

Answerman: Yes…. if my action  is part of the process of improving the curb appeal of your property that you are getting ready to  list with us….if not call one of the low or no service realtors. They will be happy to at least post one photo of you mulching, maybe… if you take the photo and email it to them. Just do not interrupt their regular daytime TV viewing schedule.


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